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Supply conditions

All the supplies of TC Service S.r.l. will be governed only and exclusively to the general conditions of sale below. Any clause or condition established by the customer is null and void, if in contrast with these conditions.


1. PurchaseEach order is considered valid if communicated by letter, fax or e-mail, indicating the type of product, quantity and price.
Orders are always firm and demanding for the customer and also become so for TC Service S.r.l. when sending the order confirmation.
Any changes and / or cancellations of orders sent must always be requested by the customer only in writing and must be evaluated and possibly accepted by us.
TC Service S.r.l. reserves the right to supply products in different executions, provided that these executions do not change their functional characteristics. If the client wishes to receive a specific execution, he must make an explicit request, which will be followed by a specific acceptance by TC Service S.r.


2. RestrictionAll products distributed by TC Service S.r.l. they are not designed for special applications or for which the failure of the product itself can cause injury to people or things.


3. PriceThe prices of the products refer to the official price lists of TC Service S.r.l. or its official suppliers.
For types in special execution, or not in series products, prices will be established from time to time for each individual order. For these types we reserve the right to supply the requested material with a quantitative variation in excess or in defect. All quotations are meant for goods delivered ex warehouse TC Service S.r.l.
If during the supply there were increases in the costs of materials, labor or other factors, we reserve the right to change the prices, starting from the dates on which these increases occurred.


4. DeliveryThe terms of delivery of the product refer to the order confirmation issued by TC Service S.r.l. and have purely indicative value, since they are fixed except for unforeseen circumstances, supplier difficulties, total or partial strikes, exceptional weather events and other causes of force majeure.
Shipments are always understood to be made on behalf of the customer and at his / her own risk, even when the conditions of surrender are granted "carriage paid". The packaging method and related material are at the discretion of TC Service S.r.l.


5. Delivery Term The delivery terms indicated by TC Service S.r.l. while being respected as far as possible, they remain purely indicative.
Our company will not recognize any penalty for late delivery occurred for reasons independent of the same.


6. PaymentPayments must be made according to the methods established in the order.
Failure or delayed payment within the established term, TC Service S.r.l. will count interest on arrears on its credit, the amount of which is established in full compliance with the provisions of the current Legislative Decree 231/02. Furthermore, in case of delay or non-payment, deliveries of the goods still in order will be suspended until the debt is extinguished, giving notice to the customer who will not be entitled to compensation or compensation of any kind, without prejudice to all our rights.


7. Complaint and give backComplaints for any tampering or shortages of material must always be presented by the recipient to the carrier. The recipient must report apparent defects within eight days of receipt.
Any return of goods must always be previously agreed with our Sales Office and can only be accepted if the material and its packaging are perfectly intact.
The return for incorrect order by the customer which takes place after invoicing will result in a charge of 15% of the invoiced value.


8. WarrantyThe guarantee of TC Service S.r.l. has a duration of one year from the date of delivery of the goods.
This warranty is limited exclusively to the repair or free replacement of the recognized parts
From TC Service S.r.l. as defective, due to material defects or manufacturing deficiencies. The recipient of the goods must report the apparent defects and defects within eight days of their discovery, under penalty of forfeiture of the guarantee.
TC Service S.r.l. assumes no responsibility for damage resulting from accidental events of any nature that occur during the use of its products.


9. Expiry dateAny exceptions to these conditions will be valid only if specifically confirmed and accepted in writing by TC Service S.r.l.
10. Legal Address
The legal address of TC Service S.r.l. means at its headquarters in Sala Bolognese (BO), via Filippo Turati, 11. The only competent court is that of Bologna, with the exclusion of all others.